Bringing Bloodlines to Blockchain

Crypto Wildlife Collective, Tiger Queen token’s upcoming NFT platform, has big plans to change the world of wildlife, and it starts with “Bringing Bloodline to Blockchain.” As news of the project expansion spreads, more investors are interested in how they can do their part in both stopping the illegal trade of animals and of course, owning a piece of, not only history, but an endangered species.

Scanned CWC Nfts

Real Tigers, Digital Metrics, Valuable NFTs

The first mint will be 56 digitally scanned, 3d models of the big cats residing at Big Cat Rescue. Each 1/1 Alpha will come with downloadable content to track the animal’s health information, location, history, and camera feed.

Bloodline of CWC Nfts

Benefits of Alpha CWC NFTs

Every alpha CWC holder will receive .01 eth for every Beta NFT minted of their Big Cat. There will be 250 generative betas for each Alpha, making the first mint 14,056! That’s a lot of protective eyes on these fierce felines and funding for their conservation as a portion of each sale will support these endangered species.

tiger protect

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