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We currently support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. You can easily switch networks on metamask by using the dropdown above.

If you are not using metamask please see available tutorials below on how to connect to out compatible chains.

If you need help setting up Binance Smart Chain, here is a great tutorial:

Learn how to Connect to BSC

If you need help setting up Polygon, here is a great tutorial:

Learn how to Connect to Polygon

Make your entry into crypto SAFE and EASY!

Tiger Queen is a fierce social community that specializes in educating and protecting our members as they enter the defi and crypto space. Our community leaders and upcoming instructional platform will guide you through the process easily and as safely as possible while our Groundbreaking Tokenomics make your potential success in crypto easy as just holding Tiger Queen! Join our community and let the fun and learning begin!

Developer KYC Liquidity Locking Verification

Raise Capital across all main blockchain networks

Join The Community

Tiger Queen brings our community together in ways that solely focus on our future in cryptocurrency.
Having trusted eyes on new, exciting and carefully selected, solid projects created by dynamic developers – as well as providing exclusive presales access to our community – is without doubt a win-win situation for both holders and developers. It allows our community members the potential to grow their crypto investments at their own pace and at very modest cost to themselves, all while providing much needed early-stage financial support to developers in their initial launch stage.
The larger the Tiger Queen community becomes, the stronger it becomes. Our collective strength will allow us to have a loftier impact on our community’s nominated charitable donation wallet.
Tiger Queen’s ground-breaking tokenomics structure will establish a moon bag fund for investing in other top defi projects. Our community will vote on these projects and the gains will go to our diamond hand community members. This creates a great way for you to have a chance at a moonshot without having to spread your wallet too thin!
This is about building a community of long term holders who want a family that will always have their back in this space.
We are always looking for the newest and most trustworthy low cap gems to absolutely pump into your bags. Together we will not only make this community safer, but we will also positively impact real world charities in our personal communities.